Dal Teknik Makina completes upgrade project at Nuh cement plant

Dal Teknik Makina carried out the Nuh cement plant modernization of kiln line # 1 project in Körfez/Turkey. The main scope of the project was to increase the production capacity as well as to decrease the energy, to yield a power consumption saving and to decrease the exit temperature of clinker. This project involved the design, manufacturing and erection of the pre-heater tower cyclones group, kiln feed transport system, clinker cooler, kiln hood, removing of dust cyclone at tertiary air duct, cooler vent fan modification, main bag filter duct modification and kiln inlet seal and commissioning of the system.

The first part of the upgrade project was the modification of the pre-heater tower, which as a result reduced the pressure drop, improved heat transfer and separation efficiency, and heat consumption. The second part of the project was the retrofit of the grate cooler. The clinker cooler, kiln hood, cooler fans and cooler vent fan were replaced by Fons Technology International. In this part, kiln hood, cooler vent, exit pipe of WHR and tertiary air duct were modified as well. The third part was to replace the horizontal duct of main bag filter inlet with an inclined one in order to avoid dust accumulation. The last step was the replacement of the pneumatic kiln feed by bucket elevator.

After the execution of the upgrade project, which, by the way was carried out in a record time of 35 days from flame off to flame on, great values were achieved. The Nuh cement plant has increased its production capacity up to 3400 t/d from 2800 t/d, the specific heat consumption of clinker has been decreased to a level of 740 kcal/kg clinker from 870 kcal/kg clinker and a clinker temperature of 55o C plus ambient temperature. Moreover, with this project Dal notably decreased electrical consumption by 7 kWh/t. The raw mill capacity was increased from 160 t/h to 185 t/h.

Product development and innovation are Dal’s main priorities in order to serve the cement industry. The most recent release at the Nuh cement plant is part of Dal – Filter-To-Filter Pyro-Process Concept which covers the following production units:

Kiln/VRM dedusting unit

Raw meal transport and homogenization silo unit

Kiln feed system

Gas conditioning tower unit

PH-tower (cyclones, dip tubes, flap valves, etc.)  


RDF utilization

Rotary kiln (inlet & outlet seals, tyres & rollers, hydraulic thrust, etc.)

TAD damper

Clinker cooler

Clinker cooler de-dusting unit (heat exchanger + bag filter or ESP)

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