WO 2019/105109 A1

Dry dedusting dust-free bulk-cement discharging method

(22) 19.09.2018

(43) 06.06.2019

(57) A dry dedusting dust-free bulk-cement discharging method, comprising steps of: Si, construct a dry dedusting dust-free bulk-cement discharging system which comprises a coarse cement bin (1), a main bulk-cement discharging pipe (5), a telescopic metal hose (8), an accident bulk-cement discharging pipe (11), a ground suction device (14), and a wear-resistant metal hose (15); S2, a manual gate valve (6) and a pneumatic double-layer flap valve (7) are opened, the telescopic metal hose (8) is lowered to a low position by means of a winch (9), or an accident manual gate valve (12) and an accident pneumatic double-layer flap valve (13) are opened, coarse cements are discharged to a bulk cement truck or enter the ground suction device (14); S3, close the pneumatic double-layer flap valve (7), open a first pneumatic ball valve (17), a pulse valve (10) blows nitrogen to eliminate residual coarse cements in the telescopic metal hose (8), the telescopic metal hose (8) is lifted to a high position by means of the winch, and close the first pneumatic ball valve. The method solves the problem that a large amount of steam is generated after high-temperature coarse cements are humidified, and also solves the secondary dust raising problem caused by great bulk-cement discharging fall.

(71) Wisdri Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (CN)


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