Eberhardt Schwab case studies

As a complement to the interview with ZKG International there are two case studies described in the following:

Case study I

Following an explosion of fuel in an annular shaft kiln, the kiln showed certain irregularities during firing, which necessitated the shutdown of this lime kiln.

Eberhardt Schwab supported the customer during the shutdown and the search for the cause of the explosion and the resulting irregularities in kiln operation as well as in the discharging the lime out of the kiln, conducting a pressure test and compiling the expert appraisal for the claims settlement.

Thanks to the refractories stored at the Eberhardt Schwab warehouse, this repair could be performed at short notice. Consequently, the customer only suffered minimum downtime in lime production.

During stripping of the lining, deformation of the steel structure of the internal cylinder as well as damage to the secondary air cooling beams incl. the compensators of the internal cylinder could be determined.

With the help of the drawings of this type of kiln kept at Eberhardt Schwab, Eberhardt Schwab was also able to assist with sourcing steel parts and obtaining compensation.

The entire package of measures, from coordination of all work on the steel and refractories to commissioning was organized by Eberhardt Schwab.

During commissioning, too, the M-Group team is supporting the customer by assigning a commissioning engineer to the project.

Case study II

At the beginning of December 2017, Schwab was informed about damage in a PFR kiln.

Thanks to the refractories stored in the Eberhardt Schwab warehouse and the fast deployment of qualified personnel, repairs to this kiln could be completed before the Christmas holidays and operation of the kiln resumed.

Besides repair of the damaged kiln sections, with the use of the “Schwab refractory solution” (three arches, etc.), kiln operation could be quickly resumed. With other well-known refractories manufacturers, the kiln would only have been able to restart operation in April.

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