Engineering tool brings energy transparency into production

Siemens has announced the market launch of the Simatic Energy Suite engineering tool for energy management in automation systems. Integrated as an option package within the TIA Portal V14 (Totally Integrated Automation) engineering framework, the Simatic Energy Suite efficiently links energy management with automation and brings energy transparency into production. Companies can record production-level energy consumption data, display it “live”, evaluate it and correlate it with production data. With a seamless interface to higher-level software such as the Simatic Energy Manager PRO or the cloud-based Energy Analytics Services, the Simatic Energy Suite can be expanded into an energy management system across all company sites that is certified to ISO 50001 – ­covering every stage from purchasing and planning through to ­financial controlling of energy.

The new Simatic Energy Suite ­engineering tool enables companies to correlate energy consumption values in production plants with their automation processes. The energy consumption of production components, such as drives or controls, or even complete machines, is recorded, checked and displayed “live”, for example, on a Simatic HMI panel (Human Machine Interface) or the Simatic WinCC SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The recorded energy data can then be linked to production data.

The Simatic Energy Suite is suitable for energy-measuring components from the Simocode and Sirius series (low-voltage controls), Sentron (low-voltage energy distribution), as well as Simatic and Sinamics (automation and drives) from Siemens, for example the Simatic Energy Meters. Third-party measuring instruments are incorporated by means of open interfaces and, for example, input modules of the Simatic S7-1500 controller. Integrated into the TIA Portal V14 engineering framework, energy data recording with Simatic Energy Suite is easy to configure and quick to engineer. Users require very little time or prior expertise in order to familiarize themselves with the system.


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