Estimation of coating thickness in a rotary kiln by using shell temperature and kiln modeling

In a rotary kiln very versatile and complex processes take place that are strongly nonlinear and time dependent. Efficient protection of the coating in the sintering zone during kiln operation is an important problem from the standpoint of productivity of the kiln. The purpose of this study is to develop a computer program for evaluating the coating thickness in various sections of the kiln.

1 Introduction

Cement is made by grinding gypsum and clinker burned from a mixture of limestone and clay in a certain percentages. A kiln is the most vital part of a cement factory and its outcome is clinker. Cement is the essential material for civil engineering construction works. The chemistry of making cement was studied in some detail (Bouge 1995, Lea 1956). Output from the cement industry is directly related to the state of the construction business in general and therefore closely tracks the overall economic situation in a region or a country (Laszlo, Ignacio, Antonio, Peter 2008).


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