Gebr. Pfeiffer receives follow-up order from Sagar Cement

Sagar Cement Limited, based in ­Hyderabad, India, has entrusted Gebr. Pfeiffer SE with another order for a mill for grinding granulated blast-furnace slag and granulated blast-furnace slag cements.

A new grinding plant for 160 t/h of ground granulated blast-furnace slag is intended for the extension of their Bayyavaram Village works, near to Visakhapatnam, India.

For this, Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, ­Kaiserslautern, will supply a mill of the type MVR. These mills are currently experiencing a high demand around the world. Sagar Cement’s mill will be of the size MVR 5000 C-4, equipped with a 4300-kW drive and four grinding rollers with active redundancy. This means that all four grinding rollers are actively taking part in the grinding process. When it comes to scheduled maintenance works, two opposite grinding rollers can be swung out and the mill can continue production with the two remaining rollers. Even in the case of an unplanned outage of one of the grinding rollers, the mill can continue in operation while the roller under service is being worked on outside the mill.

The grinding plant will be designed in such a way that besides granulated blast-furnace slag with a fineness of about 4500 cm²/g (acc. to Blaine), composite cements – with varying portions of granulated blast-furnace slag, fly ash and gypsum – can be ground in various finenesses.

It is a great pleasure for Gebr. Pfeiffer that this customer, who was, in 1999, the first one in India to buy a Pfeiffer mill for grinding granulated blast-furnace slag, has once again opted for a Pfeiffer mill. This might be due to the fact that – even after 18 years – this mill, with a production rate of 20 t/h, is still running to full satisfaction. The MVR mill concept – the optimum grinding system currently available for grinding all the a.m. products – has convinced Sagar ­Cement Limited.

While the core components of the mill – roller, tension system, grinding bowl and planetary gearbox – will be Pfeiffer supply from Europe, the mill foundation parts, the housing and the integrated high-efficiency classifier of the type SLS 4750 BC will be provided by Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pfeiffer’s Noida-based subsidiary. They will also supply most of the equipment required to complete the grinding plant, including plant fan and hot gas generator. Fired with lump coal, it will supply the heat required for drying the moisture contained in the granulated blast-furnace slag.

For all components which will be procured by the customer, he will receive the corresponding specifications.

Delivery is scheduled to be effected before the end of this year.


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