US 2018/0273429 A1

Gypsum-cement dry mix and prefabricated
construction parts produced therefrom

(22) 29.09.2016

(45) 27.09.2018

(57) The invention relates to a gypsum-cement dry mix, the use thereof and a method for producing prefabricated construction parts using the gypsum-cement dry mix. For this purpose, the gypsum-cement dry mix comprises: a binder containing calcium sulphate hemihydrate or a mixture having at least 50 wt.% thereof and hydraulic cement in a weight ratio of 5:1 to 3:1; an aggregate material selected from crushed wood, plastic, expanded clay, perlites or a foam material or a mixture thereof; additives containing at least one plasticiser, at least one air-entraining agent, at least one stabiliser, and at least one delayer/accelerator, wherein the additives are present in dry form, and the mass fraction of the sum of all the additives in the total mass of the dry mix is <1%, wherein the stabiliser is selected from fluorophosphates or condensed phosphates, wherein the delayer is a water-soluble anionic polymer, and wherein the stabiliser-delayer mass ratio is 3:1 to 1:3.

(73) Bernd Bruno Wilfried Eck, Thalang (TH); Hubert Lichtinger, Thalang (TH)


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