KR101839251 (B1)

Alkali gypsum and method for producing alkaline gypsum using de-sulfurized slag admixture slagcement and concrete composition comprising the alkali gypsum

(22) 20.12.2016

(43) 26.04.2018

(57) The present invention relates to a method for producing an alkali gypsum for admixture of ordinary cement or slag cement using a desulfurized slag fine powder containing a large amount of regenerated sulfuric acid and a Ca0 component generated in a steelmaking process and an alkali gypsum produced by the method, wherein the alkali gypsum is prepared by reacting a desulfurized slag slurry containing Ca0 with sulfuric acid to produce a gypsum, wherein the reaction is carried out in the presence of sulfuric acid so that the pH of the slurry takes place in the alkaline region.

(71) Posco (KR); Research Institute of Industrial Science & Tech (KR)


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