US 2020/0078980 A1

Gypsum panels, systems, and methods

(22) 25.10.2017

(43) 12.03.2020

(57) Gypsum panels and methods of making the same are provided. A method of making a gypsum panel includes forming a first gypsum slurry by combining stucco, water, a siliconate, and a phosphate salt or polymer, and setting the first gypsum slurry to form at least part of a core of the gypsum panel, wherein the gypsum panel displays a 2-hour water absorption test weight increase of at least 10 weight percent less than an otherwise identical comparative panel containing no phosphate salt or polymer in its core.

(71) Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC, Atlanta, GA (US)

(73) Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC, Atlanta, GA (US)


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