HUE037124 (T2)

Gypsum plasterboard production
plant and method for producing a
gypsum plasterboard

(22) 26.06.2013

(43) 28.08.2018

(57) Summary of the corresponding patent WO2014206452 (A1): The invention relates to a gypsum plasterboard production plant, comprising at least one circulating conveyor belt device (10) for receiving a gypsum layer (16) formed from a top-side casing (27) and a bottom-side casing (28) and a single-layer or multilayer gypsum core (26) arranged therebetween, and for forming and hardening the gypsum layer (16), wherein the conveyor belt device (10) has a supporting belt (11) for supporting a bottom side (17) of the gypsum layer (16) and wherein, in the area of the conveyor belt device (10), there is arranged an ultrasound application device having one or multiple ultrasound transmitters (15, 20, 22, 24), characterized in that at least one bottom-side ultrasound transmitter is arranged between the supporting belt (11) and the bottom side (17) of the gypsum layer (16), and the supporting belt (11) in the area of said ultrasound transmitter is guided over a deflection device (13).

(71) Knauf Gips KG (DE)


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