HeidelbergCement releases Group Sustainability Report

HeidelbergCement released its 6th sustainability report so far at the end of July. The Sustainability Report 2013/2014 highlights topics and challenges for HeidelbergCement in its drive for sustainable development. Readers also learn about the successes and aims of corporate sustainability management, as well as the company’s activities in the arena of environmental and climate protection, workplace safety and social responsibility.

Sustainable business practices are a fundamental condition as well as an integral component of ­HeidelbergCement’s business activities, and therefore central to the activities and decisions of the management teams on the ground: The important thing is to minimize the impact of the operations on the local environment, and to utilize core competencies in a way that contributes to society at large and generates economic opportunities. With this report, HeidelbergCement transparently presented its sustainability achievements and targets.

Health and safety of the employees is another focus of the Heidelberg­Cement sustainability program. The figures prove the effectiveness of the expanded prevention measures and information campaigns. The accident frequency rate as well as the accident severity indicator could be reduced at group level.

Further progress could also be reported on climate protection. For instance, specific net carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 21.2 % (compared to 1990 levels) to 609.1 kg/t of cement. Moreover, the clinker factor decreased to 75.3 %.

The Sustainability Report of the Heidel­berg­Cement Group was prepared in accordance with the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Intiative (GRI) and the “Core” option.

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