CA3032137 (A1)

High temperature resistant Portland cement slurry and production method thereof

(22) 31.01.2019

(43) 02.08.2019

(57) The invention provides a high temperature resistant Portland cement slurry and a production method thereof. The high temperature resistant Portland cement slurry comprises the following components by weight: 100 parts of an oil well Portland cement, 60-85 parts of a high temperature reinforcing material, 68-80 parts of fresh water, 1-200 parts of a density adjuster, 0.1-1.5 parts of a suspension stabilizer, 0.8-1.5 parts of a dispersant, 3-4 parts of a fluid loss agent, 0-3 parts of a retarder and 0.2-0.8 part of a defoamer. The high temperature resistant Portland cement slurry has a good sedimentation stability at normal temperature, and develops strength rapidly at a low temperature. The compressive strength is up to 40 MPa or more at a high temperature of 350°C, and the long-term high-temperature compressive strength develops stably without degradation. Therefore, it can meet the requirements for field application in heavy oil thermal recovery wells, reaching the level of Grade G Portland cement for cementing oil and gas wells.

(71) China National Petroleum Corporation; CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited (CN)

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