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Higher plant availability at Hollitzer Baustoffwerke

About 450 000 Euro are saved every year at Hollitzer Baustoffwerke in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg/Austria due to the Smart ­Performance Program of Schaeffler Group Industrial. Again and again the leading supplier of ready-mix concrete, gravel, crushed stone and sand suffered from unscheduled downtimes due to poor bearing lubrication of the vibrating screens. Now the service subsidiary of the Schaeffler Group Industrial, FAG Industrial Services (F’IS) with headquarters in Herzogenrath near Aachen, remedied the situation by using a professional ­lubrication system.

Not only the plants, which have already been running for a longer time, have failed again and again, but also the vibrating screen that was commissioned in August 2006. The machine, which is exposed to harsh environmental conditions, is particularly characterized by the strongly oscillating movements of the rocker arms. There was the danger of a so-called bleeding-through effect, i.  e. a segregation of the lubricants. This would have led to a loss of the lubricating effect. Furthermore, there was no experience as regards the durability of hose fixing elements.
Hollitzer placed an order with the service specialist F’IS to take care of the maintenance. The F’IS specialists installed the multipoint lubrication system FAG Motion Guard CONCEPT6 (Fig. 1), which was filled with the FAG lubricant Arcanol ­MULTITOP. The system was installed in a protective box and simultaneously supplies six lubricating points. The success could quickly be seen – since then plant operation has been trouble-free. In the meantime the manufacturer of building materials has ordered the installation of four more lubricating systems. Other groups of parts are also scheduled to be equipped. This success can clearly be quantified. The annual savings amount to approximately 450 000 7 because there are no longer costs for changing bearings and there is no loss of production, which so far was caused by an ­average of five storage breakdowns a year (Fig.   2). These can be ­broken down as follows: The repairs for each failure would take ten hours. With maintenance costs of 2000 7 per hour for one machine, the repair costs would amount to a total of 100 000 7. The production loss per breakdown would amount to 70 000 7, i.  e. a total of 350 000 7. In addition to provable ­financial savings, the customer considerably minimizes his ­maintenance expenditure due to the automatic lubricant ­supply.


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