US 2016/0107934 A1

Inorganic admixtures for mitigating against ­conversion ­phenomena in high-alumina cements

(22) 06.05.2014

(43) 21.04.2016

(57) A manufacturing process of a cement product includes: (1) incorporating at least one additive into a high-alumina cement composition, wherein the at least one additive is selected from ­nitrate-containing salts, nitrite-containing salts, carbonate-containing salts, sulfate-containing salts, chloride-containing salts, and hydroxide-containing salts; and (2) curing the high-alumina cement composition to form the cement product.

(71) The Regents of the University of ­California, Oakland, CA (US)

(73) The Regents of the University of ­California, Oakland, CA (US)


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