Is Covid-19 our biggest challenge?

After we have brought our entire society to almost a complete standstill a good two months ago, many are now pushing for the shutdown to be lifted again. Conspiracy theories are also booming and free-riders are undermining the well-intentioned activities of people and organizations that are primarily concerned with the negative effects on our economy and social life. Indeed, there is reason for concern, as the global crisis caused by the virus is widely regarded as the greatest crisis after World War II. Hopefully we can get out of this crisis well soon. But what will we expect then?

We will probably change our views on some things and hopefully come to understand what is really important and “systemically relevant” in our lives. Perhaps we will realize that a good life also depends directly on health and that our prosperity is based on functioning health and education systems. And then we will surely recognize that our future is threatened by an even greater danger, which is still less visible than the many dead of Covid-19: climate change. Climate change, which causes extreme weather phenomena that not only cause property damage in multi-billions, but also deprive billions of people of their livelihood and burden our societies to the utmost through inevitable mass migration. Just to clarify: I am not talking about the end of the world - the world can get along well without mankind.

I am convinced that after Covid-19, the cement industry will be governed by CO2.

Let’s get it done together!

Yours sincerely,

Matthias Mersmann

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