KHD and AVIC win first joint project in Turkey

The Turkish company Sönmez Cimento has placed an order with KHD and AVIC International for its new 5000 tpd clinker production line. As KHD and AVIC’s first project in the region, the contract awarded KHD an order for engineering, equipment supply, training, and the supervision of erection and commissioning. Scheduled for commissioning during the summer of 2014, the line will be erected near Adana in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

KHD designed core components for this contract include a 5-stage preheater with low NOx calciner, equipped with compact mixing chamber, tertiary air duct and calciner firing system for primary and secondary fuels; plus a two-station rotary kiln with dimensions 5.0 m x 59.0 m, a kiln burner for ­primary and secondary fuels, and a clinker cooler. This way the project will combine cutting-edge thermal recuperation and low emissions technology. ­Although it is KHD’s 45th kiln line in Turkey, this will be the first project of this magnitude and KHD’s largest kiln in Europe.


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