Large volume bulk storage

Manufacturers of building materials need to store large quantities of raw inputs and fuel. Limestone is the major raw material for cement manufacturing, while quarried materials such as clay and chalk provide the silicon, aluminum and iron oxides required in finished products. Coal is often the preferred fuel, and its efficiency depends on its moisture content and proper handling. All these are prone to affecting process efficiency and environmental compliance when not covered. Geometrica, a Texas based company with manufacturing facilities in Mexico, specializes in materials storage solutions for these sensitive stockpiles.

Until a few decades ago, it was not economical to cover the large circular piles of material used in ­automated stacking/reclaiming or preblending stockyards. Conventional buildings were too costly to build, despite that fact that uncovered raw material is potentially dangerous and can expose people, livestock and vegetation to hazards. Geometrica’s Freedome technology is an increasingly preferred solution, offering dome covers for stockpiles larger than several football fields arrayed together.

Below are examples of domes and barrel vaults that have been designed and constructed for cement...

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