Multi-criteria decision-making model for establishing the optimal typology for clinker storage silos

Nowadays there are several available techniques applied in cement industry for storing clinker, the selection of which depends not only on commensurable criteria, but also on intangible factors. This paper proposes an expert system to determine, in a particular case, the optimal silo typology for storing 50 000 tons of clinker. The Delphi and AHP methods are applied to assess the selection factors and the alternatives for clinker storage. Finally, VIKOR technique establishes the most adequate storage facility.

1 Introduction

The contribution of the concrete and cement industry to the economy represents a total production value of 74 billion € and a value added of 22 billion €, accounting for 366000 jobs [1]. In 2020 a production of about 242 million tons of clinker is estimated. Large store structures play an important role in the manufacturing process of cement, ensuring the management of raw and intermediate materials and the storage of the final product. These storage silos are essential to manage the fluctuations between the supply of materials and their implementation in the production process...

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