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Latest trends in the lime industry

The lime industry is a 21 US$ billion business. Further growth depends largely on the development of the major application sectors, such as the steel and construction industries. There are only a very few global players. Not much information is getting outside from these houses. However, the industry is not static at all. The article provides insights into the market and latest industry trends.

1 Introduction

Lime is a versatile high-quality product used in different applications such as environmental, metallurgical, construction, and chemical/industrial applications, and more [1]. Calcium oxide (quicklime, burnt lime, or unslaked lime) is produced by burning limestone in a kiln at temperatures above 900°C. By grinding quicklime and adding water, the calcium oxide is transformed into calcium hydroxide, which is either supplied as hydrated lime (powder) or as slaked lime. Globally, in 2017, about 335 million t (Mt/a) of lime (quicklime, hydrated lime, slaked lime) were produced,...

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