RU 2 682 910 C1

Loading device of shaft furnace

(22) 06.03.2018

(45) 22.03.2019

(57) Field: mining. Substance: invention relates to a lime kiln shaft furnace. Shaft furnace contains the shaft of the furnace with a loading device placed in it, while the loading device contains a funnel, upper and lower bells, balanced with counterweights placed on one guide at a distance not less than the stroke of the upper bell from each other, while the counterweight of the lower bell is connected by a cable to the upper bell, two gas meters and four valves, while the input of the first gas meter is connected through the first valve to the atmosphere, the output of the first gas meter is connected to the internal cavity of the funnel, the input of the second gas meter is connected to the internal cavity of the funnel, the output of the second gas meter is connected through the second valve to the internal cavity of the furnace shaft, the third valve is connected in parallel to the first gas meter and the first valve, and the fourth valve is connected in parallel to the second gas meter and the second valve. Effect: efficiency of the shaft furnace is improved by reducing the loss of heat energy of the gases from the furnace to the environment when cold air enters the atmosphere into the shaft furnace through leaking mates of the upper and lower bells with the funnel, and by gas leak tightness control of mates “upper bell – funnel” by the upper valve at the lower position of the upper bell and “lower bell – funnel” by the lower valve at the upper position of the lower bell.

(73) Federalnoe gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe obrazovatelnoe uchrezhdenie vysshego obrazovaniya “Orenburgskij gosudarstvennyj universitet” (RU)


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