Malvern/Bio-Rad collaboration makes particle ­identification quicker and easier

A collaboration between Malvern Instruments Ltd (Malvern/UK) and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (Hercules, California/USA) has delivered new analytical tools for the rapid identification of unknown particles. New software to support Malvern’s Morphologi G3-ID, which ana-lyzes particle size, shape and chemical composition, enables the direct comparison of measured Raman spectra with reference spectra in the extensive database of Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll software. The result is powerful, robust particle identification capabilities for scientists who are trying to determine the nature and origin of unknown particles.

The Morphologi G3-ID provides fully automated size and shape measurement, capturing images of tens of thousands of particles in just a few minutes. The Raman spectroscopy capabilities of the system can then be applied to particle populations of interest to provide reliable chemical identification where size and shape alone do not provide sufficient information.

Using the Morphologi G3-ID the size and shape of various components in a cement blend can be individually characterized by morphologically directed Raman analysis. Results can be used to compare batches or products, to aid the understanding of product development or to solve a production problem.


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