Material analysis for process control in cement plants

Summary: Material analysis is undergoing transformation from a quality assurance measure to a process control tool. This is being promoted not only by the well-known crossbelt/onbelt online analysers, but also by XRF and XRD inline analysers combined with an automatic sample preparation system. Online and inline analysers are hardly in competition with each other because the devices operate at different points of the process in the cement factory where not only the chemical properties but also e.  g. the particle sizes of the materials to be analysed are different. Some of these applications do not require sample preparation while for others sample preparation is absolutely essential. Process control systems have hitherto mainly been implemented for raw material blending beds, raw mills and cement mills. Kiln control systems using material analysis are even less widely applied.

1 Introduction

Online measuring methods are indispensable for process control in cement factories. However, while measurements of temperatures, pressures, filling levels, flow rates, motor powers and gas analysis parameters are long established, the online measurement of material parameters for process control purposes is far less common. This may be connected with the fact that ma­terial analysis has up to now mainly been regarded as an essential component of quality assurance systems. Furthermore, material analysis for non-online measurements is without doubt relatively complex and the route...

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