KR20200034144 (A)

Method for capturing storaging and using carbon dioxide in waste gas of cement production comprising the using of waste heat of cement calcination process 

(22) 21.09.2018

(43) 31.03.2020

(57) The present invention is a first step of cooling the exhaust gas containing carbon dioxide discharged from the cement kiln and sending it to an absorption tower filled with a carbon dioxide absorber to absorb the carbon dioxide contained in the exhaust gas into the absorber; A second step of sending the absorbent absorbing the carbon dioxide to the regeneration tower and heating the absorbent absorbing the carbon dioxide by heating the absorbent absorbed by the waste heat recovered and recovered in the cement firing process; And a third step of producing liquefied carbonic acid by compressing and cooling the separated carbon dioxide, or by mixing the separated carbon dioxide, powdered lime (Lime, CaO) and water to produce precipitated calcium carbonate. It relates to a method of capturing, storing and using carbon dioxide. According to the present invention, not only can CO2 be directly collected (CCUS) before being discharged into the atmosphere to reduce greenhouse gas, but also highpurity PCC and liquefied carbonic acid can be produced using the collected CO to be utilized in related industries. Emission rights can be obtained.

(71) Sungshin Cement Co Ltd (KR)


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