US 2019/0233332 A1

Method for low-to-mid-range water reduction of cementitious compositions

(22) 29.01.2018

(43) 01.08.2019

(57) Methods for plasticizing cementitious mixtures having relatively high water/cement ratio (at least 0.40 or higher) are surprisingly improved in terms of dosage efficiency, compared to conventional "superplasticizer" polycarboxylate polymers, when the polycarboxylate polymer is formed from particularly small-sized, specifically selected monomer constituents: (A) polyoxyalkylene monomer represented by the structural formula (R1)(R3)C=C(R2)((CH2)m(CO)nO(CH2)o(AO)pR4) wherein (AO)p, represents linear ethylene oxide groups and p is 5-23 and more preferably 5-15; (B) unsaturated carboxylic acid represented by (R5)(R7)C=C (R6)(C(O)OM) wherein M represents an alkali metal, the ratio of component A to component B being 20:80 to 50:50; and, optionally, (C) a hydrophilic monomer represented by (R8)(R9)C=C(R10)(CX) wherein R8, R9, and R10 each represent hydrogen or methyl group, and X represents C(O)NH2, C(O)NHR11, C(O)NR12R13, SO3H, C6H4SO3H, or C(O)NHC(CH3)2CH2SO3H, or mixture thereof, wherein R11, R12, and R13 each represent a C1 to C5 alkyl group.

(71) Lawrence L Kuo, Acton, MA (US); Izabela Goc-Maciejewska, Skorzewo (PL); Natalia Jaskula, Kolo (PL)


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