RU2748328 (C1)

Method for preparing Portland cement binder with addition
of high-calcium ash from thermal power plants

(22) 14.09.2020

(43) 24.05.2021

(57) Field: building materials. Substance: invention relates to the field of building materials and can be used in the production of various concrete and mortar mixtures. A method for preparing a Portland cement binder with the addition of high-calcium ash from thermal power plants includes joint grinding of Portland cement clinker, gypsum stone, granular blast-furnace slag, adding high-calcium ash to the binder at the time of preparation of a concrete or mortar mixture, before adding high-calcium ash, the content of free lime in it is preliminarily determined, after which ash to binder in the following ratio, wt.% of the weight of cement: the content of free lime in high-calcium ash is equal to or less than 11%, but more than 7% to 20, or the content of free lime in high-calcium ash is equal or less than 7%, but more than 5% up to 30, or the content of free lime in high-calcium ash is equal to or less than 5% up to 40. Effect: invention is aimed at reducing the consumption of cement, reducing the cost of Portland cement binder, simplifying the technology for the manufacture of cement and concrete mixtures while maintaining strength and deformability of concrete.

(71) Ovcharenko Gennadij Ivanovich (RU)


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