WO 2022/095531 A1

Method for regulating alite crystal structure in cement clinker

(22) 11.08.2021

(43) 12.05.2022         

(57) Disclosed in the present invention is a method for regulating an alite crystal structure in cement clinker. In the preparation process of a silicate cement raw meal, a magnesium element and a sulfur element are simultaneously introduced, and M3-type alite in the clinker is completely converted into M1-type alite under the joint action of the magnesium element and the sulfur element. The raw materials used in the method for regulating a crystal structure in the present invention are readily available, and the method is simple and easy to operate, and has high universality. In the actual production, desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum, etc. can be used as sources of sulfur, so that the comprehensive utilization value of an industrial by-product is increased. Magnesium can be selected from low-quality limestone, and no additional ingredient components need to be added, which makes it convenient to operate, increases the use of the low-quality limestone, and reduces the production cost. After being regulated by the method, the alite crystal structure in the silicate cement clinker can be completely converted from M3-type or M1/M3 hybrid type into M1-type.

(71) Nanjing Tech University, Jiangsu 210000 (CN); Jiangsu Ruiying Advanced Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd, Jiangsu 210000 (CN)


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