WO 2022/095515 A1

Portland cement clinker and preparation method therefor

(22) 29.07.2021

(43) 12.05.2022         

(57) The present invention discloses a Portland cement clinker and a preparation method therefor. M1 type alite accounts for 99% or more of the mass of all alite crystal forms; and the clinker contains a trace amount of magnesium and a trace amount of sulfur, wherein the mass percentage of magnesium is 0.5%-5% in terms of MgO, and the mass percentage content of sulfur is 0.36%-2.94% in terms of SO3. In the present invention, from the perspective of ion regulation and control, magnesium and sulfur elements are simultaneously introduced in a preparation process of a Portland cement raw material, and M3 type alite in the clinker is completely converted into the M1 type alite under the combined action of the magnesium and sulfur elements, such that the Portland cement clinker having a higher M1 type alite content is stably sintered; and a clinker sintering temperature is decreased, fossil fuel consumption is reduced, greenhouse gas emission is reduced, the multiple effects of energy conservation, emission reduction, consumption reduction, and quality improvement are achieved, and application value is extremely high.

(71) Nanjing Tech University, Jiangsu 210000 (CN); Jiangsu Ruiying Advanced Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd, Jiangsu 210000 (CN)


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