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Issue 2020-9 WO 2020/074633 A1

Method for using alkanolamine in a grinder

(22) 10.10.2019 (43) 16.04.2020 (57) The present invention relates to a method for using a secondary or tertiary alkanolamine for grinding cement, comprising: – forming an inorganic acid salt of the...

Issue 2021-6 WO 2021/120705 A1

Method for preparing ?-hemihydrate gypsum

(22) 07.09.2020 (43) 24.06.2021 (57) Disclosed is a method for preparing ?-hemihydrate gypsum, the method involving using citric acid as a crystal transformation agent to prepare dihydrate gypsum, and...

Issue 2021-7 WO 2021/140077 A1

Integrated method for the commercial and industrial utilisation of calcium sulphate whilst obtaining rare earth elements from the production of phosphoric acid

(22) 05.01.2021 (43) 15.07.2021 (57) The invention relates to a method for producing sulphuric acid and cement clinker and for obtaining rare earth elements using calcium sulphate, which is formed and...

Issue 2021-5 WO 2021/079368 A1

Novel flux/mineralizer for cement clinkering and method of manufacture thereof

(22) 22.10.2020 (43) 29.04.2021 (57) This invention discloses a method for producing a flux/mineralizer for cement clinkering that contains CaF2 and other residues of fluoride salts. The...

Issue 2021-3 WO 2021/026714 A1

Cement pre-calciner kiln system and method for preparing cement clinker

(22) 12.08.2019 (43) 18.02.2021 (57) Disclosed are a cement pre-calciner kiln system and a method for preparing a cement clinker. A CO2 self-enrichment-type pre-calciner kiln, an offline-type...