WO 2021/079368 A1

Novel flux/mineralizer for cement clinkering and method
of manufacture thereof

(22) 22.10.2020

(43) 29.04.2021

(57) This invention discloses a method for producing a flux/mineralizer for cement clinkering that contains CaF2 and other residues of fluoride salts. The flux/mineralizer is produced by mixing an aqueous solution of hexafluorosilicic acid with one or more carbonates or carbonate evaporates such as limestone, marl, chalk, dolomite, oil shale, etc. In contrast to methods known in the art, the inventive method does not require any step of separation of silica, purification of the reaction product, or pH adjustment. A novel flux/mineralizer produced by the method is also disclosed.

(71) Imi Tami Institute for Research and Development Ltd, 1 Deshanim Road, Industrial Zone Kiriyat Ata, 28226 Kiriyat Ata (IL)


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