New bucket elevator increases plant
capacity in Oman

These days, the growing demand for cement in the Middle East ensures an increase in orders and not just for plant manufacturers. Equipment suppliers are also required for the numerous expansion and modernization measures carried out by plant operators. A current example of such a capacity expansion is the increase of the rotary kiln capacity at a cement plant in Oman, which necessarily resulted in the installation of a more efficient bucket elevator for loading.

With the technical improvement of the rotary kiln at the Oman Cement Company (OCC) over recent years, the inadequate performance of the existing bucket elevator was initially recognized in 2016. The only economic solution was the installation of a new bucket elevator, which was already a challenge at the beginning of the construction as a result of the inadequate documentation of the Chinese plant manufacturer and the limited space in and around the preheater tower. Due to the positive experiences with the German supplier KoWey from Kamp-Lintfort, with whom the plant operator has already successfully completed 14 projects so far, the OCC once again decided to opt for a bucket elevator from this company belonging to the Heko Group.

However, the engineering of the project planning proved to be extremely difficult. Several local appointments were needed to determine the exact dimensions of the building, the existing steel structure and, consequently, the available free space for the larger bucket elevator. Fault tolerance in the calculations was minimal as the system was in a round-the-clock operation and part of the direct production chain. Even though production was intended to  continue during installation, any construction error caused in advance by inaccurate measurement or incorrect calculation could have led to unplanned, cost-intensive plant shutdowns. However, the installation worked out error-free. The new bucket elevator was integrated into the material flow using air slides, while the old system, which until then had been driven overloaded, was uncoupled. Following a demanding survey and design phase, the new bucket elevator was delivered within a few weeks, installed by the local contractor and successfully commissioned under supervision by KoWey.

The new system is a KCT50 / 710-320 central chain bucket elevator with a center distance of 74.5 m and an engine output of 110 kW, conveying 250 t/h of raw meal. As part of this contract KoWey also supervised the engineering of the new plant components and the supply of all incoming and outgoing air slides with control elements, connected chutes, the maintenance platform on the base with a small staircase, the horizontal support braces and the assembly platform on the elevator head with hoist beam and large winch to the ground floor.

With this order the Heko Group and its subsidiaries once again underline their market position as reliable suppliers to the global cement industry, who are able to carry out the most difficult modernizations and plant upgrades on a wide base of experience and know-how in this area.

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