New member of the Management Board

Effective from 01.02.2020, Matthias Mersmann has been appointed by the Supervisory Board as a new member of the Management Board of KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG. He contributes his long-term expertise in the technology of cement manufacturing processes and equipment design which he has acquired in various executive positions with OEM suppliers and as an independent consultant. From 1994 to 2008, he worked for KHD Humboldt Wedag in Cologne and has become familiar with the product portfolio, the staff and the cement clients.

After leaving KHD in 2008, Matthias Mersmann founded the cement consultancy aixergee GmbH and specialized in the optimization of equipment of all kinds and makes for the manufacture of cement. He was also called into the Executive Committee of Loesche GmbH for five years, where he was responsible for the technology of the Loesche products. Mr. Mersmann will work to improve and adapt the portfolio of products and services to the needs of KHD’s clientele. He will also provide support for optimization of business processes in an effective manner.

“While the cement industry emits 7 % of all man-made CO2-emissions alone – still a future without cement is unthinkable. This, along with the digital transformation, will set the frame for all industry participants to re-shape their way of doing business. For KHD this is so much more an opportunity than a problem: KHD has a combination of advantages which can help developing a prosperous future – if we work it out right. It will take all our ambition and motivation – and maybe a lot of ‘new thinking’ – but it will be worthwhile. I am looking forward to cooperating with the best engineers of the industry and a highly qualified and motivated team in the management board to bring KHD back into a leading position among the cement equipment suppliers”, says Matthias Mersmann.

Mr. Mario Zhu, CEO of KHD, states: “We are all very happy at the return of Matthias to KHD! I am sure that with his leadership the KHD technology team will be further strengthened and this will bring greater benefit to our valued clients and the global cement industry.”

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