New multi-client market report “Cement Projects Focus 2025”

OneStone Consulting Ltd. in Varna/Bulgaria has released a new market report that provides information about latest cement capacity expansion projects in the cement industry. For the next few years cement capacity expansion con-tinues on a high level, despite the overcapacities in many countries.

All kind of projects are carried out, new greenfield plants, new lines, separate grinding plants and plant upgrades. In the period of 2021-2025 there are 64 projects in the pipeline (excl. China) with a kiln capacity of about 61 Mt/a and cement capacity (incl. split grinding) of 100 Mt/a, where up to now no supplier has been allocated. These projects have at least a 60% probability to be finalized. Furthermore, there are 34 projects with lower probability, which have not been taken into account for the analysis.

The “CPF 2025” market report analyses in detail the cement capacity expansion projects (new kiln lines and split grinding plants) scheduled for commissioning from 2021 to 2025, excl. those in China. Furthermore, the plant contracts in the period 2017 to 2021 (first half) are analyzed and the market shares of the kiln and cooler suppliers are presented by year and region.

The projects listed in the market report are derived from project announcements by the cement companies as well as the reference lists and achievement records of the suppliers. In cases where information from company records was not comprehensive enough intensive research has been done to clarify the data. The quality of crosschecking of data in our primary research is, to the best of our knowledge, unparalleled worldwide.

This market report is intended for market-informed decision making. This will be especially useful for cement producers, equipment suppliers, engineering consultants as well as cement strategy consultants and analysts. The report has 175 pages containing 113 charts and 28 tables.


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