New technological leader in particle characterization

On 01.01.2020 the companies Retsch Technology GmbH, Microtrac Europe GmbH and BEL Europe GmbH have merged to become the new Microtrac Retsch GmbH. This new constellation allows users of particle characterization in the EMEA region to access the broadest product portfolio worldwide from one single source. Under the brand name Microtrac MRB the company provides systems for particle characterization by laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, dynamic & static image analysis, as well as gas adsorption measurement to determine the specific surface and pore size distributions.

Retsch Technology has been part of the Verder Group since its foundation in 1998 and has revolutionized the market for particle characterization with Dynamic Image Analysis by developing the dual camera technology implemented in the Camsizer series.

The manufacturing companies Microtrac Inc. (USA) and MicrotracBEL (Japan) were acquired by Verder in July 2019. Thus, a new global player has formed under the roof of the Verder Group who aims to become a technological leader in particle characterization.

The headquarters of Microtrac Retsch GmbH are located in Haan near Duesseldorf/Germany, on the premises of the Verder Scientific Division. The companies Retsch, Carbolite Gero, Eltra, ATM and Qness are also part of this Division.

Microtrac MRB is a leading manufacturer of instruments used for particle characterization in a size range from 0.8 nm to 135 mm. Based on a variety of measurement techniques, a wide range of particle properties of dry powders and granulates as well as of suspensions and emulsions can be analyzed. The product portfolio is completed by gas adsorption analyzers.

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