New wheel washing system MobyDick One

Building on the 30-year success story of their MobyDick product line, Switzerland-based Frutiger Company AG is introducing a new technical development in the field of wheel washing systems: The new design now joining the MobyDick One product line, in combination with the company’s proven range of optional accessories, provides new functions that further enhance the system’s cleaning powers. This includes extension of its standard lengths of 3.6 and 7.2 m to now include 10, 14.4 and 20 m. In addition, a function called Powerflush improves the results of mudguard washing. Altered motion profiles and nozzle settings, coupled with readily exchangeable, modular side and bottom spray nozzles and a revised wash module geometry (newly flow-optimized in cooperation with the Zurich University of Technology [ETH]) all complement the performance of the MobyDick One line.

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