Dear Readers,

A trade journal thrives on technical articles – of course. The editorial team is also always pleased to receive good, in-depth articles that give the reader the satisfying feeling of having learned something new at the end. Starting on page 34, for example, we read a detailed article on the development of the cement industry in the continent of Africa; it gives an outlook on the concrete expectations for production capacity etc. for the next four years up to the year 2025. Many other interesting topics are covered in the total of four technical articles in this issue. If you are interested in topics such as the further development of tile adhesives, the role of digitalization in data management and material handling, or new developments in dust control ... then you are welcome to open the ZKG in front of you.

But what I wanted to focus on in this editorial are the short, informative texts at the very beginning of our magazine – internally simply called the news section. There, the latest information about orders, new responsibilities, personnel changes, company mergers, implemented projects and much more is compiled in a condensed manner. And every now and then we also allow ourselves a look beyond the end of our nose, because we think that information from neighboring industries can also be quite interesting for you. A really diverting reading section, which offers as I find beside the technical contributions to the reader many up-to-date pieces of news from the industry.


I hope you enjoy browsing through this issue


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