Optimisation of plasticizers for ­gypsum ­applications

Following their adoption in cementitious systems, superplasticizers based on polycarboxylate ethers are now increasingly being selected for gypsum applications. Binder-specific additive optimisation produces plasticizers with an enhanced water-reduction capability and simultaneously reduced setting times.

In recent years, PCE-based plasticizers have not only been used in cementitious binders, they have also increasingly been selected for a range of gypsum applications. It became apparent at this time that the various applications (gypsum board, floor screed, etc.), and the various binders, in particular, demanded greatly differing properties from the plasticizers. The structure of PCE-based plasticizers was therefore modified in order that these products would exhibit their greatest water-reduction efficiency in pure gypsum phases, such as alpha- and beta-hemihydrate or anhydrite. Heterogeneous...

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