US 2016/0046525 A1

Plant for producing cement clinker with gasification reactor for difficult fuels

(22) 04.04.2014

(43) 18.02.2016

(57) A plant for producing cement clinker, comprising as viewed in the direction of materials flow, a heat exchanger to preheat raw meal, a downstream calciner to calcine the raw meal, a rotary kiln to sinter the calcined raw meal, and a clinker cooler to cool the sintered cement clinker. A combustion device which carbonizes, pyrolysis or burns difficult fuels, is embodied as a pot reactor or gooseneck reactor in an inverted U-shape, and is positioned upstream of the calciner on the flow path of the exhaust gases from the rotary kiln to the calciner, and has a gas outlet that opens out above a tertiary-air line of the clinker cooler into the calciner. As a result, it becomes possible to burn fuel which is lumpy and/or has poor ignitability, and the gases from incomplete combustion in the reactor are available in the calciner in gaseous form for further combustion.

(71) KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, Koeln (DE)

(73) KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, Koeln (DE)


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