Powder tester for cost-efficient industrial measurement

Freeman Technology has launched the Uniaxial ­Powder Tester (UPT), a stand-alone uniaxial tester for simple, sensitive and cost-efficient powder characterisation. Developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and a major industrial powder processor, the new tester delivers automated, highly repeatable measurement and provides a commercially compelling alternative to traditional powder testing instrumentation.

Uniaxial powder testing is a simple and intuitive method that measures an intrinsic property of bulk solids. The completely new, repeatable, versatile, low cost and robust powder tester is suitable for process development, trouble shooting and QC.

The new tester measures unconfined yield strength (UYS), a parameter derived indirectly via biaxial shear cell analysis, which is widely used to assess and rank the cohesivity of powders. Uniaxial testing involves the construction of a consolidated powder column, which is then fractured through the application of a vertical stress to ­directly measure UYS known as a sc. Key to the successful implementation of the technique is the construction of a uniformly consolidated powder column, and subsequent removal of the containing sleeve with minimal disturbance of the compacted column.

The UPT can successfully measure and rank sc, compressibility and density of many industrially relevant powders, even those that are relatively free-flowing.

The new instrument is available in either a manual or an advanced version. Both deliver the same data with the same high repeatability, but the advanced version has the advantage of higher levels of automation and lower manual input for customers that require it.

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