Predictive maintenance reduces
downtimes and maintenance costs

Whether in open-pit or underground mining, for steep inclines or across distances spanning kilometers – conveyor belts are the core component of many industrial sectors. In harsh operating conditions, they transport loads weighing several tons not to mention sharp, hot, oily and greasy goods. Smooth running of these belts is crucial for cost efficiency. If the belt system experiences an extended downtime, the entire production chain frequently collapses. This in turn results in considerable sales losses for the operators. To allow conveyor belt systems to run free of faults and...

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Issue 07/2012

Business with steep-incline conveyors strengthened

ContiTech has strengthened its industrial business in specialized conveyor belts by purchasing the Specialised Belting Supplies Ltd, Thetford. This British company has been in the market since 1984...

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ContiTech strategically reorganizes conveyor belt business for industrial applications

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Customised transport solutions

From construction, recycling and shingle to wood processing – when it comes to extracting, processing and distributing commodities, materials and other bulk goods, Con­ti-Tech is on hand with the...

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Electronic warning systems ­increase operational safety

Whether in mining or in industrial use, conveyor belts are subjected to heavy loads in many applications. Years of stress and sharp-edged objects can leave their mark on conveyor belts. ContiTech from...