US 2016/0016850 A1

Process for the preparation of cement, mortars, concrete ­compositions containing a calcium carbonate – based ­filler ­(pre)-treated with a superplasticizer, compositions and ­cement products obtained and their applications

(22) 22.07.2015

(43) 21.01.2016

(57) The invention concerns a process for the preparation of cement/mortar/concrete (for simplicity: “cement”) composi­tions or systems, (hereafter “cement” compositions or sys­tems for simplicity), of a general known type, in which the filler(s) is/are comprising or consist of “calcium carbonate-based filler(s)”, comprising at least one step where the said filler(s) is/are treated with an efficient treating amount of at least one treating agent consisting of or comprising super­plastifier(s). The main purpose of this invention is to build a process aimed at providing improved., “High performance”, fluid, cement or mortars or concrete systems or composi­tions having an improved compacity, an improved flowabil­ity, and globally speaking a definitely improved “workabil­ity”, and “regularity” of the properties of the final systems. The present invention also concerns a filler for “cement” compositions, characterized in that if consists of, or com­prises, a calcium-carbonate-based filler or blends of same, pre-treated with an “efficient amount” of at least one super­plastifier.

(71) Omya International AG, Oftringen (CH)

(73) Omya International AG, Oftringen (CH)


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