US 2016/0115078 A1

Process for the preparation of cement, mortars, concrete ­compositions containing calcium carbonate-based filler(s) ­(pre)-treated with ultrafine (UF) filler(s), compositions and ­cement products obtained and their applications

(22) 17.11.2015

(43) 28.04.2016

(57) Process for the preparation of “High performance”, “HP”, or “­Fluid”, or “technical”, cement or mortars or concrete systems or compositions (hereafter for simplicity “cements” or “cements systems” or “cement compositions” or “cements”) having an improved compacity, an improved flowability (and globally speaking a definitely improved “workability”; product consisting of, or comprises, a blend of coarse (or optionally HP) “calcium carbonate-based filler(s)” pre-blended with at least an UF; cement compositions incorporating the said blend or aqueous composition, namely the said blend of low or medium (or optionally HP) coarse filler(s) treated with at least one UF; use of the said blend, or aqueous compositions and cement composition.

(71) Omya International AG, Oftringen (CH)

(73) Omya International AG, Oftringen (CH)


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