Production and use of Solid Recovered ­Fuels – developments and prospects

Starting in the early eighties, considerable efforts have been made to produce waste derived solid fuels – with little satisfaction due to insufficient qualities. Since then a lot of new techniques and processing machines have been developed, so we can use this formerly dumped material sustainably for heat and power generation as well as co-processing.

1 Initial situation

For many years decisive measures in the field of resource management have not only been determined by German and European environment political guidelines (e.g. “TA Siedlungsabfall1” or “European Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC”) but have been driven by a growing shortage of energy reserves and resources. Getting access to resources is going to be a crucial matter not only for single economies but for all mankind. The ongoing problematic of ‘Food or Fuel’, the conflict of using cropland not only for growing crops but also for growing energy plants clearly shows the priority of...

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