Professor Dr.-Ing. Siegbert Sprung honoured for his life’s work

On the occasion of the VDZ Annual ­Cement Conference 2016 in Duesseldorf/ Germany in September, the fifth Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize was awarded to Professor Dr.-Ing. Siegbert Sprung for his exceptional achievements with respect to the development of cement and its production and application in mortar and concrete. Siegbert Sprung spent his entire professional career at VDZ and the Research Institute of the Cement Industry in Duesseldorf. He worked as a senior engineer, deputy head of the cement chemistry department and head of the department of cement technology before being appointed divisional director of VDZ in 1988. From 1998 to 2000 he was Spokesman of the Executive Management of VDZ and Director of the Research Institute.

The jury emphasized that Siegbert Sprung’s remarkable research work covers all important areas of the production and application of cement. This includes not only the problems of environmental protection but also specific problems concerning the durability of concrete. Professor Sprung’s scientific merits can be assigned to several categories, such as “process-related findings”, “cement properties – setting of cement” and “Portland limestone cement”. His extensive knowledge and broad experience have been reflected in many commentaries and lectures as well as in numerous publications. In 1982 Siegbert Sprung compiled the diverse knowledge which he had obtained during his work in the outstanding monograph “Technical problems during the burning of cement clinker”, with which he qualified as a lecturer at the RWTH Aachen University. Subsequently he regularly held lectures on the technology of inorganic binders. In 1987 he was appointed associate professor.

During his career Professor Sprung was always able to encourage and inspire young scientists to contribute to the further development of cement and concrete. He gave guidance to numerous diploma students and PhD candidates. His teaching at the RWTH Aachen University has not only contributed to the excellent reputation of the Research Institute but also to that of VDZ as such and to German cement research.

The Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize is endowed with € 30 000 and is awarded every two years in appreciation of pioneering contributions to research or professional achievements in the invention and/or development of application or manufacturing processes in the field of hydraulic binders.

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