Properties of building gypsum treated using the vortex layer apparatus

This article describes the influence of activation of building gypsum in the vortex layer apparatus on the specific surface, setting time, heat release, change in mineralogical composition and strength of the hardened gypsum paste. A way of evaluating the efficiency of the physical effects and of defining the mechanical activation effect is proposed.

1 Introduction

It is acknowledged that the physical processing of substances is often accompanied by increased intensity of the physico-chemical processes at the interphase boundary. This is known as mechanoactivation [1].

The influence of mechanoactivation on the physico-chemical properties of mineral binders and the performance properties of the artificial hardened products obviously depends on the type of binder. Mineral binders in which the initial structure formation is attributed to the flow of both topochemical and crystallization processes (e.g. Portland cement) feature the onset of...

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