31.05. – 03.06.2016, BERLIN/GERMANY

Refra-Kolloquium 2016: Energy – Innovation – Performance

The 14th Refra-Kolloquium will take place from 31.05.-03.06.2016 at the ­Estrel H­otel & Convention Center in Berlin/Germany.

Under the headline “Energy – Innovation – Performance” the key cement experts from all over the world will meet again, and a number of specialised industry executives (LafargeHolcim, CRH, Lhoist, VDZ, Argos, OneStone) will deliver 22 first-class lectures on technical developments in the cement as well as refractory industry. During this essential event, participants will gain an insight into global market trends and drivers for change in both industries.

A panel discussion and a comprehensive exhibition of useful tools for the cement producers will form an essential part of the conference.

The lectures will give some stimulating information and technical expertise about product news, concepts and installation concepts as f.i.:

A perfect approach to reduce radiation losses of rotary kilns without additional installation costs. Almag ES (Energy Saving): a high quality basic brick grade with insulating properties

An innovative approach to combine Refratechnik’s patented elastifier with various proven Refratechnik products (the CF Product Family)

Alternative fuels/raw materials: opportunities, challenges and limitations

Refractory linings in static vessels suffering from modern process conditions.

How to cope with these conditions by selecting the right product and installing a unique device capable of compensating and indicating the lining growth.

High-quality refractory concretes should perform perfectly during lining, drying and heating-up. Practical experience with our ED (Easy Dry) concretes will be summarized.

Qualified education, training and full service are key parts of Refrat­echnik’s philosophy. How to serve and support the customer – a report on new theoretical and practical tools.

In 2012 almost 800 participants from 70 countries accepted Refratechnik’s invitation to join the Refra-Kolloquium, which – according to the guests – was really worth attending.

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