As of 01.11.2014, Hendrik Rahms will be supporting Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) in technical sales and in the product development of thermal applications. After completing his studies (Dipl.-Ing. FH) in supply and disposal technology, he went on to complete a second degree (M. Sc.) in the field of technical management, with a focus on energy technology, before working successfully for several years as a process engineer and project manager.



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Issue 2017-4 LOESCHE GMBH

Loesche hot gas generator systems for Bangladesh

Following the successful application of the all-new fully automated control hot gas generator system in the Yadong ­Cement Plant Project, Loesche Mills (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has again recently signed...

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Loesche opens workshop to serve the Indian power industry

At the beginning of this year, Loesche Energy System Ltd, UK created a subsidiary company and founded a workshop in India. The new Loesche Energy Systems India Private Ltd. (LESI) workshop was...

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Loesche sells 32 coal mills to new end customer in India

Loesche mill type LM 28.2 D at the Schwarze Pumpe power station, Germany

In one fell swoop, Loesche has sold 32 coal mills to India and gained a new end customer in the process. The large vertical roller mills (VRM), with two rollers each and a performance of 79.2 t/h or...


Compact burner series for the industry

With a new product series of burners for outputs of 160 kW to 13 MW, ­Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) from Gelsenkirchen/Germany has its own compact device for industrial applications. With an...