Loesche repositioning itself
in the thermal application sector

The Loesche Group will in future merge their activities in the combustion systems and drying systems sector into a central location at their main centre under the name “Loesche Thermal Applications”. Alongside the established hot gas generators (Loma, HGG), the business incorporates combustion systems for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels as well as complete drying systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. By uniting the core competencies in the thermal applications sector, the Loesche Group seeks to strengthen their market position. With the engineering resources available at the head office in Düsseldorf, efficient and optimised complete system solutions can be centrally implemented for customers in accordance with Loesche’s quality standard.

Furthermore, pooling marketing, project management, purchasing, processing technology and proactive development together with an individual burner test facility in the in-house test centre contributes to this goal.

Loesche hot gas generators (HGG) have already been used successfully worldwide for decades in the cement and power plant industries. But in addition  also in other industrial drying processes, such as fluidised-bed furnaces and dryers as well as flash dryers to heat up fresh air or return gas.

Loesche HGGs distinguish themselves from burner systems with refractory linings with reliable high temperature-resistant steel combustion chambers for heat flow adjustment with virtually no delay when power varies. This means no heating phases whatsoever, barely any heat exchange with the surroundings and a high energy efficiency thanks to optimally designed heating processes. More than 640 Loma HGGs have proved themselves during use for fuels in gaseous, liquid, and powder form with a hot gas output temperature of up to 750 °C and a combustion thermal output of 0.5 MW to 60 MW.

Furthermore, the advanced Loesche steel combustion chambers also work in combination with a multiple lance burner (MLB) developed and patented by Loesche specially developed for combusting lean gases. It features a short flame with stable combustion and a large control range of up to 1 : 70, which enables total combustion of lean gas without a supporting flame. More than 50 of these MLBs have been successfully deployed worldwide.

Further technical developments of the burner systems are carried out using the in-house burner test facility in the test centre currently, for example, an expansion for solid fuels such as coal or wood dust. Recently, the first Loma hot gas generator operated using black coal dust was able to be successfully put into operation in Asia with an output of 30 MW and with black coal dust as the primary fuel.

By merging Loesche with A TEC Greco Combustion Systems Europe GmbH and thus pooling together competencies in the area of combustion technology, customers all over the world are provided with highly efficient solutions anywhere where the generation of process heat is needed. Even temperatures over 750 °C are possible with hot gas generators with refractory linings.

Furthermore, Loesche GmbH not only has the ability to deliver single hot gas generators, but is also able to plan and manufacture complex thermal processing equipment. The hot gas generators for the customer Manfred Blind GmbH are one such example of this. Over 10 generators with various designs have already been put into operation since 2012.

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