Road soil cement with complex ­additives based on organosilicon ­compounds and electrolytes

The effectiveness of additives based on octyltriethoxysilane and sodium hydroxide for achieving soil cement strength and hardness was discovered by using mathematical modelling and the application of experiment planning methods. The way that the physical and mechanical properties of the material depends on the cement consumption and the composition and addition level of the complex additive was observed, as was the resulting effect of the complex additives on the durability of the soil cement used for roads. The water absorption by the material and its freeze-thaw resistance under various conditions was studied. The dependence of the soil cement fatigue strength on the number of applications of the intended load was determined, as was the role of the complex additives in improving the parameters being studied.

1 Introduction

One of the most effective methods of applying a soil road pavement course is to strengthen it with cement. Improving the quality of soil cement is a pressing problem that can be successfully solved by modification with chemical additives that ­affect the structure and properties of the soil cement. Studies have shown that this problem can be solved by using organosilicon compound additives. These provide hydrophobic materials and electrolytes that impart high strength characteristics to the soil cement.

The development of effective materials for structural pavement courses by...

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