Sample prep to spectral analyses – fast and reproducible

No grinder can beat the speed of a vibratory disc mill when it comes to preparing samples for spectral analyses. Retsch from Haan near Dusseldorf/Germany have now redesigned their RS 200 model for even more convenient operation and handling of the grinding sets. An ergonomic carry handle facilitates carriage of the heavy grinding jar which is slid on a rail into the optimum position inside the mill. The new clamping device allows for safe clamping of the jar with less force, an additional sensor checks its correct position.

The RS 200 with its powerful stabilized plane drive achieves grind sizes of between 20 and 100 microns within seconds and with excellent reproducibility. Grinding sets are available in a variety of sizes and materials. A set of sensors will recognize jars of tungsten or agate and automatically sets the maximum permissible speed, ensuring optimum results while protecting the material.

Other benefits are very short grinding times, typically in the range of 60–180 seconds to achieve the fineness necessary for XRF and other spectral analyses (around 100 microns), a variable speed from 700-1500 rpm, protection of the grinding set (reduced speed of 1200 and 700 rpm respectively) due to automatic tungsten carbide and agate detection, as well as easy 1-button operation with coloured graphics display and optimized menu structure.


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