Seminars for Germany and Switzerland

The manufacturer of laboratory equipment Retsch GmbH, Haan, near Düsseldorf/Germany again offers on several dates a practical seminar “From sample preparation to X-ray fluorescence analysis” for beginners and advanced users. Organizers are Retsch (sample preparation), Eltra GmbH (elemental analysis) and Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH (XRD). The seminars are free of charge for the participants. Dates and locations are: 16.09.2014 Haan (at Retsch and Eltra), 17.09.2014 Frankfurt/Main, 18.09.2014 Munich, 07.10.2014 Leipzig, and 08.10.2014 Hannover.

For Switzerland exclusively, Retsch offers the practical seminar “Solid analysis – from laboratory sample to test result”, which covers the entire element analysis. The seminar will be conducted at two sites in Switzerland and is also free of charge for the participants: 17.09.2014 Dübendorf (Switzerland) 18.09.2014 Muttenz (Switzerland).

The program and registration for both events are available via E-mail at  or directly at:


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